Since 1982 B & G Instruments, Inc. has been committed to the highest standard of aircraft and flight simulator instrument and accessory service. We are conveniently located in the Pan Am International Flight Academy building, at Miami International Airport, where strict 24 hour security allows safe handling and storage of your equipment. With a shop full of advanced test equipment, specialized tooling, and a large inventory of OEM parts, we can turn most jobs in one week – less if you need it sooner. Our true strength is in our staff of technicians and engineers. The leadership of the company (Mr. B. & Mr. G.) has a total of 73 years experience in the business and the production department averages 20 years experience. We design and build specialized test equipment, as well as flight simulator instruments and accessories. We support all the flight simulators in use at Pan Am Flight Academy, as well as many throughout the world. This, in turn, allows us to expand our capabilities with aircraft instruments and accessories. We are certified by the FAA, as well as the EASA (see “CERTIFICATION” link). We are currently offering for sale a simulated skid ball for use on simulator flight directors, custom designed for any manufacturer’s unit, and are tooled up for production of a simulated 8DJ81 series tachometer indicator (see "SPECIAL" link in "CAPABILITIES"). For customers who reach a predetermined volume of service, we offer an attractive rebate program (contact Sales Department for details). For a full list of our capabilities, see the “CAPABILITIES” link.