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January 16, 2013

SimHelp, a ‘one-stop-shop brand for full flight simulators’ operators, started partnership with B&G Instruments Inc. According to the agreement, B&G Instruments Inc. will be providing SimHelp clients with repair services of the full flight simulators instruments, modified aircraft instruments, real aircraft instruments as well as electronic and electrical accessories.

‘We are glad to add a new service line into the SimHelp service package – the repair of simulation instruments and accessories. B&G Instruments is capable to repair more than 9000 different instrument parts and has a highly appreciated experience of more than 20 years in the market. All these qualities will help our clients reduce the headache, caused by malfunctioning instruments of their full flight simulators’, comments Gediminas Talacka, the SimHelp Manager.

‘B&G Instruments is enthusiastic about being chosen as a SimHelp’s partner. We look forward to providing our customary high quality service – the repair of full flight simulators’ instruments and accessories for SimHelp’s customers. Since 1993, B&G Instruments has been located within the Pan Am International Flight Academy building in Miami, Florida, where we have been gaining valuable experience servicing all of their full flight simulators. Our expertise in this area will be a welcome addition to the SimHelp community’, said Bob Brown, the General Manager at B&G Instruments Inc.

Launched in June 2012, SimHelp brand is aimed to provide ‘one-stop-shop’ simulators repair and maintenance services by connecting simulators industry experts. The company‘s network is currently composed of more than 300 engineers team throughout the world.

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